PRIVATE Barcelona

COAST & Montserrat


The memory of a lifetime as you ride over these majestic mountain tops

Any visit to Barcelona isn’t complete without a trip to Montserrat. Words cannot describe your overhead view of some of the most unique rock formations in the world. You’ll see the monastery that is embedded in the mountainside. Avoid train or bus lines and see this incredible mountain range as the gods see it, from above. You’ll never forget it.

Traveling to and from the mountains takes you over beautiful Barcelona and many of its most popular landmarks including: Torre Agbar, the Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou, Plaza España, Montjuïc and the Olympic Park. Total duration of the experience: 60 minutes aprox. Flight duration: 35 minutes aprox.


PreBooking Checklist

  • Reserved booking is required to assure your flight time

  • Photo ID or passport required for boarding.

  • The duration of our flights may vary based on AENA routing.

  • All passenger are subject to metal detection screening

  • Feel free to call us 24 hours in advance to check the status of your flight +34 93 224 07 10

  • Prices on our website are subject to change.

  • We remind you that the maximum weight allowed per passenger is 110kg.

  • The company reserves the right to cancel or change flights, subject to weather conditions, technical or administrative.

  • Our Terminal offers FREE WiFi and panoramic photo terrace that is open for your use.

PreFLIGHT Checklist

  • Arrive at the heliport 20 minutes before departure.

  • Presentation at the counter check-in with your passport or ID.

  • Our receptionist will give you the boarding pass, will take note of your personal data and weight, the commander needs to check the balance of the aircraft

  • Maximum weight per person and bag is 110 kg. 

  • We provide a comfortable indoor passenger terminal while you wait to board.

  • When equipment is ready you will move to the boarding area

  • All travelers are required to pass metal detection and bag inspection

  • Before boarding you will receive a pre-flight safety checklist

  • You will receive a verbal confirmation of the upcoming tour route

  • You will have the option to use communication headphones (it can be noisy on-board)

  • Our Terminal features food and drink vending machines along with flight souvenirs

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